Lifting Weights Are A Waste Of Time. Here's Why.

Variable resistance training is the most effective way to build muscle and burn fat, since it adapts to the body's natural movement patterns, protecting joints, and effectively targeting the muscles.

Learn the facts behind variable resistance training and why lifting weights is a waste of your time.

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    "X3 is the ultimate training equipment! It is the best investment in my own health that I have made in my life! I have been training with the system for over 2 years and I love it!"

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    "Absolutely the best purchase ever. Im a small girl of 159 cm, age 40+ And 2 children. Training can be done in a snap when the children are sleeping. Not following any diet or regimen but results are amazing nonetheless. You really shouldn't be intimidated by the fact that it may seem a little difficult at first, but you learn it quickly."

  • Busy parents, Biohackers and Athletes

    X3Bar is for anyone who desires a quick and effective way of working out, without the gym, and on the go.

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What is X3?

X3 is the breakthrough patented training technology that delivers variable and adaptive resistance to achieve a greater effect in your training, with more muscles involved in the exercise, over each part of the movement, while maintaining stability and protecting the joints.

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When you buy an X3 Bar from our webshop, you receive a training package with a 100% mobile gym of the highest professional quality. You get a complete solution that weighs 10 kilograms and fits in a sports bag, ensuring that you get the most out of your home training.

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  • Don't Just Take Our Word For It

    Build more muscle with less risk of injury and burn more fat in far less time. With X3, all you need is 10 minutes, the X3 Bar system, and a small workout space.

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Why is X3 more effective than traditional weights?

Research showed that X3 builds muscles more effectively than traditional strength training, which we know from e.g. the fitness centers.​

Maximize muscle growth

With X3, the weight increases as you move from the weak zone (start of the movement) to the strong zone (near full extension), where you are able to produce 7x more force. This allows you to safely train with greater force than you would with weights, triggering greater muscle growth.

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All you need is one set

X3’s strength training program is not only less time-consuming but also significantly reduces the risk of overloading joints, which is most often where the problems arise, during heavy training with free weights and machines, because they do not use adaptive resistance to the same extent as the X3 system.

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Famous Biohacker Dave Asprey Explaining The Science

Watch Dave Asprey explain one of the key studies behind the use of variable resistance bands instead of traditional weights

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  • Aaron Legassie

    "I stopped training for over 10 years. I just lost the desire to weight train because of the lengthy sessions with minimal results. I've been utilizing X3 for 8 months now. It has change my life. I've lost 117 POUNDS! (53KG). The program, as-is, is absolutely amazing. I have gained an incredible amount of mass and can see definition in my abs for the first time."

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  • Joe Young

    "In 15 months, I have gained 35 pounds of muscle just using X3 while maintaining the same body fat. I was always a hard gainer with weights, and hardly got any results. X3 changed everything."

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  • Raj Jayarama, MD

    "I am a physician and not only have my results been incredible, but i recommend X3 to my patients as well."

  • Sherry Waldman

    8 months of X3 and I have almost doubled my strength in every movement. My results are incredible.

  • Caleb Demmons

    "I started at about 190 pounds (86KG) in March. Today I weighed in at 173 (78KG). Being light but strong is exactly what i need and X3 has helped me skyrocket my results and training. As a professional parkour athlete, regular weight lifting always left me too sore. With X3, I can lift as heave as possible and jump right into training afterward. I'm never sore and I perform better. X3 is the perfect supplement to my training."

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  • John Cannon

    "I had consistent lower back and knee issues prior to X3. After using X3, I have had no injuries or aliments. My starting weight was 278 pounds (126KG) and my current weight is 243 pounds (110KG). Im 6'10" (208cm). I follow the nutrition protocol discussed in the book and strive to hit complete exhaustion on every workout with good form and repetitions."

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  • Brett Delaney

    "My X3 is literally my favorite thing I own. In 9 months, I increased lung capacity, dropped 9 pounds (4KG) of body fat, and added over 22 pounds (10KG) of muscle. I'm now sitting comfortably around 9-10% body fat."

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  • Alex Naymark

    "Since I started X3 about 17 months ago, I've completely transformed my body by losing 35 pounds (16KG) of fat and putting on 12 pounds (5KG) of lean muscle. I'm still getting leaner while increasing muscle mass. This has been a life-saving workout regimen coming from an injury ridden powerlifting world. X3 is the best workout ever designed for putting on muscle. Thank you, X3 team!"

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  • Mandy Watson

    "I lost 25 pounds! I'm really short so it shows incredibly, and with the X3 deadlifts, my hamstrings got bigger and stretched the skin on the back of my legs so I have no more cellulite!"

  • David Fish

    "One year ago, I started using the X3 and I've been following the workout program. My midsection has always been a problem area and I am finally starting to get the results I want. I've done a lot of other programs with similar or even harder work, but never saw results like this."

  • Mabel Fornos

    "I lost 30 pounds (13,6KG) of fat in 4 months and gained muslce. My body has transformed. X3 is Amazing! THANK YOU!"

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  • Jeff Huguet

    "Got my X3 in March. Been using it now for 8 months (the before pic is about 1 year ago). I'm 53 years old folks! X3 works. Plain and simple."

  • The X3 resistance band bar delivers variable resistance to match your body’s biomechanics. With X3, you stimulate optimal hormonal release, fat loss, and muscle growth. It’s a faster, more effective workout.

The X3 Home Gym: Greater Force, Greater Gains

Weights overload joints and underload muscles, limiting muscle growth. Now there’s a better way. While researching bone density for his first invention, OsteoStrong, Dr. John Jaquish discovered a sevenfold difference between the weakest and strongest ranges in weight lifting.

The discovery led to the invention of X3, the ultimate muscle-building system. X3 requires lighter forces in the weak range and high forces in the strong range, mirroring your body’s natural strength curve.

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